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A Better Use of Time

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Remember the “Kill Your TV” bumperstickers?

This past weekend Mrs.  E. was on a reunion with her college suitemates, haunting their old stomping grounds in Charlottesville. That left me with my evenings free. I have become engrossed with the HBO miniseries “Generation Kill“. As soon as I found out it was about First Recon Battalion Marines, I had to see it. My brother-in-law was one of those hunters in that particular conflict. Corresponding, via email, with him whilst he was in a war zone left a deep impression on me. I doubt his was a Hollywood experience, but I hoped to get a glimpse of what he lived through.

So why do I bring up all that? Because a far better use of my time (as good as the series is) would have been to put on some good jazz and read a book after dinner, retiring earlier and waking more refreshed and rejuvenated at o dark thirty with the children. In a truly easy and elegant existence what you choose not to do is as important as how you choose to live.

How will you spend your time more wisely this evening?

Happy National Flag Day.

8 thoughts on “A Better Use of Time

  1. My days are always busy and full so my evenings are for catching up on shows. I should go to bed earlier tho – I always mean to but midnight seems to arrive earlier and earlier!

  2. when i moved back to the states, i didn’t have a tv. a friend finally gave me one, because she thought it was pathetic that i didn’t have one… i actually didn’t want one. when the switch to digital came, i thought, good, this is it, no more tv… until she gave me a converter box. i watch it about once every six months. i can always find something better to do.

  3. You are so right about the television, almost all of it is a dismal, dull-witted experience. But–enter the golf channel, the big, muscular blonde guy who comes in and fixes people’s bad construction projects, Antiques Roadshow, and FOX news! But not hours on end of any of it. I love Charles Krauthammer, so I try to catch his commentary on FOX. But an evening walk and reading is so much better. My husband and I sit out on the back porch and watch birds–and he does crosswords, I read papers, magazines, blogs. Books are the best thing for all of us, and I vow every day to read more of them. Starting this weekend, we will all be focused on the College World Series–and did I hear Virginia is in the running for a trip to Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium? After CWS, we have all of the major league baseball for the rest of the summer. Great background television to do almost anything else–including sleeping.

  4. Funy question. My wife decided we would participate in natl. turn off the TV week and turned the tv to face the wall. A month later it was still turned the same way. That is how my “notebook”, the one one my notebook tab, got started. Best thing that ever happened to me.

  5. I will play with our new 8 week old puppy. After he falls asleep, as all babies do, I’m going to pour myself some bourbon and listen to Diana Krall on the stereo.

    I usually check in on my “daily dozen” blogs and websites in the evenings. I had a spare moment and decided to check in here during the day.

  6. I usually just watch movies on my television. However there are times when I really miss having it hooked up to cable.

    It would be nice to watch the World Cup at home on the weekends. I also used to get up at ridiculously early hours to watch Formula One time trials and races on the weekends. And while clips of Top Gear are very funny, I also wish I could watch the entire show.

    If I were King and living in my perfect world I would only have to pay for the shows I want to watch.

  7. brilliant… i agree. i received a great bose for a gift… hooked up my ipod… it does truly make a difference in one’s mood… so much more pleasant… then my ipod crashed and i am back to square one … this will motivate me to get my nano in working order! (at least i did go replace it!) thanks for the push… xx

  8. I love the anti-televisual graphic in this post and I support anti-TV causes. Having said that, however, I do watch some channels namely CNBC, Animal Planet, Travel Channel, classic movies, public tv specials and concerts, and I do like The Office. But that’s about it. Pop-television is a form of mind control for the proles. This evening I will probably finish off another bottle of Dewar’s as usual and go to bed early. I get up between 4:00 and 5:00AM and watch CNBC.

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