A Better Use of Time

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Remember the “Kill Your TV” bumperstickers?

This past weekend Mrs.  E. was on a reunion with her college suitemates, haunting their old stomping grounds in Charlottesville. That left me with my evenings free. I have become engrossed with the HBO miniseries “Generation Kill“. As soon as I found out it was about First Recon Battalion Marines, I had to see it. My brother-in-law was one of those hunters in that particular conflict. Corresponding, via email, with him whilst he was in a war zone left a deep impression on me. I doubt his was a Hollywood experience, but I hoped to get a glimpse of what he lived through.

So why do I bring up all that? Because a far better use of my time (as good as the series is) would have been to put on some good jazz and read a book after dinner, retiring earlier and waking more refreshed and rejuvenated at o dark thirty with the children. In a truly easy and elegant existence what you choose not to do is as important as how you choose to live.

How will you spend your time more wisely this evening?

Happy National Flag Day.

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