August in the South

It’s hot. That’s to be expected down here south of the Mason-Dixon line. High temperatures and awful humidity put the heat index at 100+ºF (37+ºC) every day. Keeping cool is everyone’s top priority. So much so that my tailor (Larry at Leviner Wood) says that some of his clients are using the temperature as an excuse to go into work in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. I can only assume they plan to do business at pool or ocean side… probably somewhere without extradition treaties with the US.

Would you trust this guy with your … anything?

I dunno… I guess that’s why some of us can’t have nice things…

Humiture of 100+ºF (37+C) today. Climate controlled everywhere I’ve been…

I’ve recently been inspired by J. Robie’s Instagram (with a handle like J. Robie, how could I resist?), and The Contender‘s new site. Because just looking at the world around me, I feel more than ever, that we mustn’t give up the fight. Like the two men I just mentioned, we need to be more present. Like Arlo Guthrie sang (ellipses mine)

And can you imagine fifty people a day? I said FIFTY people a day … Friends
They may think it’s a Movement…

So get out there ladies and gentlemen, and fight the good fight. Lead from the front. Inspire by example. What have we got to lose?

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A Trip, An Adventure…

Tel Aviv, Pride Week 2019.

… but I wouldn’t call it a vacation. Would I do it again? Absolutely.

We began our trip in Herzliya, a neighborhood just outside of central Tel Aviv. We chose to stay in AirBnB’s so that we’d have access to washing machines, clothes dryers, and kitchens since our kids aren’t the most adventurous eaters. Mrs. E. was in charge of the research and did she deliver!

The view from our balcony in Herzliya.

I love a view of the water and watching the boats sail the Med, just on the other side of the wall, was wonderful. Parking was plentiful, which was helpful since we accidentally rented a commercial van, a Citroën Berlingo.

Mrs. E., behind the wheel… and on the sidewalk.

The advantage of a commercial vehicle is that we could park on the sidewalk to unload and nobody thought anything of it. We were obviously there to repair something.

Spices, fruits, vegetables, t-shirts, stuffed animals, even a Venezuelan areperia. Carmel Market is the place to take it all in.

Our adventure began when we returned to a parking garage to discover that the vehicle had “developed” two flat tires on the driver’s side. Ah, kids these days. Must have been Spring Break…

After a bit of a wait in the garage which had a spectacular view of the Med (the kids and my mom were driven back to the apartment by our friend, Val, who we met for lunch at the Ha’Carmel Market), Hertz delivered a new… Berlingo.

Crazy Americans…

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The amphitheatre at Petra, Jordan.

Mrs. E, the family and I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Israel and Jordan. Why call it a whirlwind? I still consider two weeks barely enough time to start to know a place without rushing about. Especially if that place is as historically and politically layered as Israel or Palestine.

But, with friends at the Embassy getting ready to return stateside and dogs waiting for our return, two weeks was what we could swing, and so it was wheels up from DCA, connect through Toronto and on our way to Tel Aviv.

What made this trip even more different from the way I travelled in the past was my decision to take nothing but carry-on luggage. In my case, a PDW S.H.A.D.O. 24l backpack and a Mystery Ranch 21l Urban Assault Pack. Travelling light. Contrast that mental image with the photo below. I am a creature of extremes.

Returning home, after 8 months, via London, around ’96. To be fair, one of the cases was Mrs. E.’s… That was then.

2 t-shirts, 4 (Mack Weldon Vesper, and J Crew mesh) polo shirts, two pairs of lightweight trousers (Dockers tech fabric and Asos poly-tech “seersucker”), one pair of Ghurka shorts, one pair of slip-on sneakers, a pair of summer Blundstone’s, 5 pairs of underwear, 4 pairs of socks, one hat, one linen cardigan, one safari jacket and a scarf. Aside from the chargers, books, Traveler’s Notebook, Lifeprint printer, Lenovo lens, meds and mints, that was the extent of my kit.

I’ll be… errr… unpacking more about the trip, my takeaways about travel and whatever else springs to mind in the next few posts. Stay tuned. And special thanks to Steve of the IDF, and the Parisian private contractor at the a-Za’ayem checkpoint. Thanks for the rescue. (Told you it was an adventure….)

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