Going Green(ish)

Whew! What a weekend Memorial Day was — chock-a-block with parties for both the adults and the kids. If you’re anything like me, you may be feeling a bit saturated — polluted — with red meat, sausages, beer, potato salad, chips, more beer, bubble and cakes. Time to reëstablish a more healthful and sustainable balance. Sort of like going green.

Balance being the key. “Moderation in everything. Including moderation.” (Mr. Wilde, I believe.)

As much as I’d like to try a full out fat flush, I just don’t see it happening. But there are a few tricks that I use to keep Mrs. E. and me on track. Actually, just two: diet and exercise.

The E&EL Breakfast Smoothie

Leftovers or salad based luncheon.

Salad based dinner,  fish or lean meat to accompany. Nothing deep fried. No sweets (easy for us). No wine during the week. (Well, most of the time. This is much harder than the no dessert thing.)

Exercise. This has gotten tricky since my asthma has been giving me fits this year and severely curtailed my running. Up ’til about a month ago, my routine was fairly regular. Run 3-4 miles. 100 push-ups, 100 situps, 10 pulls ups. Repeat ever other day. On the “off days” I tried to run 5-6 miles. This past month, I’ve been using a DVD, a fifteen minute workout that I bought after reading a finely crafted piece of direct email. 15 Minute Hell. It pushed all my buttons. Cancer survivor, ex military, martial artist, teacher, written in guy talk vernacular, discount offer and a P.S. . Perfect piece of craftsmanship. I oughta know, I used to write them for non-profits back when junk mail was the order of the day.

(N.B. I don’t receive any sort of compensation for the endorsement.)

The production values are minimal at best. Elegant, it ain’t. The close to USD$100 price seems insanely high, especially for a guy who relied on a pair of running shoes, a kettle bell, pullup bar and two dumbells for all his exercise needs. But the system is easy and it works. Yes, it’s a workout, but once you get the hang of it, it isn’t the sort that leaves you curled up in the fetal position sick to your stomach (like that first day in February 2000 with these guys). And seriously, who doesn’t have fifteen minutes a day? Well, make it thirty. You’ll perspire and have to shower after all. What else can I throw in your way? I no longer have joint pain as I did from my old workout. My pullups have increased without any extra effort on my part. I LOOK better — that started after two weeks — and have more energy than before. Best yet? The only equipment needed is a DVD player (or your computer), about 6′ X 3′ of space, and a towel. I use a kitchen towel and work out barefoot.

It’s summer, green yourself up with a new diet and exercise routine. What’s your plan?

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