Monthly Archives: October 2007

Ritzy Greetings

These days, the travel-prone Mrs. E and I travel by armchair for the most part. So we live vicariously. Regular readers will know that I love to get postcards from our friends who alight in distant cafés in far-off lands. … Continue reading

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Halloween, A Dandy Time.

If you’ve ever wanted to wear a bowler hat, Chelsea boots and carry a tightly rolled umbrella, tomorrow night is your time to shine. Halloween is one of those celebrations that lets you try on another persona in relative safety. … Continue reading

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My Waterloo? Beef Wellington Meets The Elegantologist.

The divine Mrs. E. made a wonderful suggestion for our dinner party this weekend. “Beef Wellington,” she said. “We have that bit of paté de foie gras mousse truffée to use up.” Yes, she really does say things like that. … Continue reading

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