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Wardrobe Consulting


What is Wardrobe Consulting?

In simple terms, a wardrobe consultant is someone who makes sure that your clothing shows you to your best advantage. I work exclusively with male clients to hone their business and casual wardrobes to reflect their tastes and stations in life.

Why Me?

I’ve had several careers. I’ve worked for the Federal Government and the private sector in big businesses and small. I am comfortable in any of those environments and know what the expectations are in terms of how professionals present themselves. With my background in advertising and marketing, and strong retail and custom menswear experience, you can count on my professional knowledge to take you or your company’s look to the next level.

Menswear isn’t really trend driven. However, over the last decade we’ve seen a shift in the normally glacially slow movement of changing style. What is the correct width of a lapel? A tie? What silhouette looks best on you? What shoes should you be wearing? Are black suits acceptable?  What about jeans or khakis? Polo shirts? I will educate you and your employees so that you can make the right choices when choosing your clothes or adding to your wardrobes.

On a personal level, I want to make your life simpler. My goal is to have you reach into your closet and no matter what you pull out, know that you’re going to look and feel your best.

Services and Fees

One-on-One consultation. Closet Edit, professional and casual plans. $150/hr. with a 2 hour minimum for first time clients.

Lookbook: A photographic documentation of what goes with what in your closet and what to wear when. Printed and bound and a pdf copy for your files. $450.

Personal Shopping:

1/2 day: 4 hours. $400.

Whole day: 6 hours with lunch break. $600

Custom clothing: I work with a custom clothier who can take your measurements, help choose fabrics and have clothing made to your measurements. An average suit made to my specifications is $1500.

Group Presentations: negotiated per number of employees attending.

3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Consulting

  1. Chris – not sure if this fits in – but how about a post on pocket knives with professional wear. I have a couple of light weight every day folders – but I have found that the clips start to damage my pockets at the lower seam. so annoyingly I have to put in DEEP in my pocket. Someone ought to come out (maybe they already exist) with a gentle clip that doesn’t harm our fine fabrics.

  2. Yikes! You have left off your stint at fashion Mecca Stitches of Williamsburg. Another co-worker won an award in Richmond for his design and creation of an extraordinary wedding gown. Obviously, we were a part of something special. Glad to see you are living the life you were destined for. Cheers!

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