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The Gift Guide: Mrs. Blandings

Mrs. Blandings is building her dream life and we are privileged enough to be able to peak in on her domestic bliss. She has much to teach us about gracious living. This and every holiday season, Mrs. B. would remind us, memories are made of this.

(from 1st Dibs.)

When Mr. Blandings and I were married he offered a lovely toast in my honor
at our rehearsal dinner. Unthinking, I had not prepared to do the same. At
his 40th birthday, a small dinner with his closest friends, I made up for my
oversight. Later he asked me for a copy of the toast and I run across it on
occasion in the top drawer of his dresser.

For Christmas this year I think most of us are making an effort to make our
giving significant in thought, but perhaps restrained in expense. I suggest
a box. I’d love to give a tortoise snuff box and you can find these
commiserate with their quality at a variety of prices. But don’t stop
there. Give words. Give your thoughts. Tell your loved ones the where and
the why of how they captured your heart. Or simply write “I love you,” in
your most careful script. And fold it neatly inside a charming box which
will hold it and remind them of the Christmas that you gave them everything
they ever wanted.

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