The Gift Guide: The Man of Mode

Do you know Sir Fopling Flutter? The Man of Mode? No, not the stage comedy, rather the supremely elegant (and apparently very tall) London blogger, world traveler and gentleman at large. His is a timeless message: good taste will out. As his rather elegant choice of gifts will attest.

The Man of Mode suggests a pair of Biedermeier candlesticks in sterling silver.  These are a reproduction of an 1817 design by Benedikt Ranninger, an Austrian silversmith.  They’re available from the design store attached to the Neue Galerie, the museum in New York devoted to German and Austrian art.  Admittedly it’s an extravagant Christmas gift in these recessionary times.  However, this is an absolutely timeless design that will work with any style of interior decoration.  The wonderful thing about these candlesticks is their simplicity; the design dates from the early 19th Century, yet the clean lines and lack of ornament looks incredibly modern.  $2,070, from

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2 Responses to The Gift Guide: The Man of Mode

  1. Fairfax says:

    Man of Mode is indeed tall, and very elegant and urbane. I am a huge fan!

  2. Thank you for the opportunity to include my suggestion in your Christmas gift guide, and for your kind words of introduction. Thanks also to Fairfax for her kind words.

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