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The Denim Trap

Curse you denim. Find a pair of jeans that you like and it’s all too easy to rely on them when you’re in a rush. And suddenly, you’re always in a rush. At least I haven’t resorted to sneakers or trainers yet, preferring to wear suede loafers (The Sloop from ASW, in this case.) Jeans by Levi’s, slim, straight 514’s. Now I have to run. I’m late for my daughter’s doctor’s appointment.

Denim Trap

9 thoughts on “The Denim Trap

  1. Dear Chris,
    The way you wear your denim is by no means a trap! Wish more would leave the sneakers and trainers off their feet…
    Hope all went well today with the appointment.
    Enjoy your special weekend.

  2. Levis are for the ranch. Khakis or cords are better for the city. I am mildly disappointed in you.

  3. Vern Trotter, you are so right! Chris looks as though he is going out to dig post holes and brand some cattle. There are some strays over in the north 40 that need to be round up. A yep!

  4. As someone who was born on a cattle ranch and is a current horse owner who lives in the Silicon Valley, I would like to point out a few things. First, Levi’s are made with the double seam on the inside, where it rubs the saddle. This is true whether your saddle is on a horse or a motorcycle, so Wranglers, double seamed on the outside, are preferred where time in the saddle is concerned. Levi’s are the casual business wear of the Silicon Valley and a casual fashion statement in the rest of California.

    In regard wearing trainers or sneakers with jeans, I would happily take my Ecco summer sneakers (full-grain leather uppers) over anyone’s suede loafers for cool, elegant, style. Come to think of it, I do just that every Friday.

    Oh, and David; you are a very funny guy–dig post holes and brand cattle! Yeah, yeah, THAT’S the ticket! He looks like he’s gonna dig post holes and brand cattle . . . dressed just like that.

  5. I like your formulation…”and suddenly you’re always in a rush.” That’s a truth I hadn’t realized, even as I realize now that it’s driven a lot of “getting out the door” dressing decisions.

  6. Gina:

    Always happy to entertain. Technically, it was actually more than one comment, but that’s OK. David’s comment really cracked me up, because I was born on a cattle ranch in South Dakota (riding herd on the saddle in front of my mom or dad before I could walk). I have a photo of by dad and uncle after they had been out digging post holes. They were so not dressed the way Chris is!

    Return greetings to Spain from California,


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