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What I Wear with Black Linen Trousers


91 degrees F projected for today and a quick blood draw and meeting before Mrs. E. and I begin P90X and then retreat to the cinema to see “Madagascar 3” with the progeny. It would be the pool, but my daughter is still fighting a virus.

Leviner Wood custom black and white pinstripe shirt, Haines & Bonner of London tie, Polo RL coat and black linen trouser by Sartoria Napoli. Shod in black pennies from Barker Black.

5 thoughts on “What I Wear with Black Linen Trousers

  1. PvE ~ P90X is an extreme home workout. Yesterday was our first day of rest in the last week. Sore today!

    Thanks Tod and Paula. Summer is always tough. I’m thinking of having a jaballah made in linen and doing my best “Lawrence of Arabia.” This week is supposed to hit 97 with high humidity.

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