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The Piano Man

Piano Man

The delightful Mrs. E. and I were very happy to be invited to a very elegant affair over the weekend. It was a party to celebrate our friend’s daughter’s 25th birthday. The guests were of her parents’ generation to her own and everyone in between. The food, as always, was fantastic. Moroccan spiced lasagna, melon and mint cous-cous were two of the standouts in my book. Mother and daughter had spent the better part of a week perfecting the recipes. It was time well-spent!

Our friends live in a very grand house on historic Monument Avenue here in Richmond, VA. Walking up the stairs and entering the foyer to be greeted by our hosts is to step into some rare air — for our friends practice the kind of hospitality for which the South is reknowned. But Saturday night was made even more special. Stepping through the front door, we were greeted by cocktail music being played on the grand piano in the foyer. Our hosts had hired a local legend — a fundraiser, politico and part-time musician (he has played the Governor’s Mansion among many other venues) to entertain. And entertain he did. It wasn’t too long before guests of all ages crowded around the piano to look over his shoulder at the sheet music and sing along. We belted out everything from patriotic songs, to Cole Porter and most of “The Sound of Music.” Not that many of us had great singing voices, but it didn’t matter a bit. It was a ball.

If you, or someone you know, plays piano, head for the keyboard and enliven your next dinner party. I guarantee a memorable evening.

2 thoughts on “The Piano Man

  1. The food sounds sensational. I love the idea of Moroccan spiced lasagne and melon and mint cous-cous. Thanks for the idea, which I may recreate for an up and coming party.

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