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Lax. Easy Days and the ICON Seersucker

That’s “lax” as in lackadaisical. My posts have come in later than usual. I blame the hair. I’m feeling very at ease lately. No sense of urgency. Perhaps it’s the impending summer season. Maybe it’s my 45th coming up. Maybe … Continue reading

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Mother’s Little Helper

[Update: It occurs to me, would my readers who are mothers weigh in on what constitutes a perfect mother’s day? Or if you’re reading this on Monday, please leave a comment about your favorite gift/moment/etc. . Thanks!] A very quick … Continue reading

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Glamour vs. Elegance

You’ve made my life so glamorous, You can’t blame me for feeling amorous, ‘S wonderful ! ‘S marvelous ! That you should care for me ! (“S’Wonderful” George Gershwin) This is always a tricky one. As my friend The Architect … Continue reading

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