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Leaving Leviner Wood After a Great Meeting.

In full comfort mode. Harris tweed, half-lined sportscoat (vintage), BB OCBD (ancient), A Suitable Wardrobe woolen tie, RL cashmere sleeveless cardigan, Leviner Wood custom Donegal tweed trousers, and AE slip ons. Hat” Borsalino (venerably ancient), Whangee handle stick umbrella BB. … Continue reading

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Hats, Gloves, Scarves. It’s Time to Soften Up Winter’s Edge with Knitwear.

  “I grow old/I grow old/ I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled…” Or words to that effect. More in my experiment with knit layering. It’s a very comfortable way of dressing, if not exactly waterproof. (Why are … Continue reading

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A Bit In-Between

  I know, bit loafers are considered “naff”. I like them. And I think that they work well with in-between dressing. Here, a cashmere polo sweater, Donegal tweed trousers (far softer than you might think) and Argyll socks go nicely … Continue reading

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