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After Dinner

(“The End of Dinner, 1913 by Grun.” Poster available here.) Do you serve coffee or after-dinner drinks? We’ve recently had the “sixth course” as a host referred to it: a beautifully arranged cheese tray, complete with walnuts, grapes and figs. … Continue reading

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Wellington: The Swine!

(The organic pork tenderloin pictured is available at US Wellness Meats Online.) The ever gracious Mrs. E. and I were fortunate enough to be guests at a superb dinner party Saturday night. The other guests were funny, engaging, ridiculously good … Continue reading

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My Waterloo? Beef Wellington Meets The Elegantologist.

The divine Mrs. E. made a wonderful suggestion for our dinner party this weekend. “Beef Wellington,” she said. “We have that bit of paté de foie gras mousse truffée to use up.” Yes, she really does say things like that. … Continue reading

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