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Channeling Chanel?

[Sorry, I’ve been very busy the last few days. In the meantime, enjoy the Chanel show from the same people who brought you yesterday’s video — Ed.] How do you think Mr. Lagerfeld is doing?

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Summer Tweed?

My mom really hit it out of the park for a party and my daughter’s ballet “recital” this past weekend. But why wouldn’t she? She based her outfit on a real classic: the Chanel tweed jacket. Only hers wasn’t Chanel, … Continue reading

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“From Yves Saint-Laurent, with Love” by Square with Flair™

[Ed: SwF has sent us a Valentine. I’m not sure that anything has ever been written on the subject before and he has done so with .. well, with his usual flair. Please enjoy From Yves Saint-Laurent, with Love by … Continue reading

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