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The Polo Shirt, A Modern(ist’s) Business Casual.

Unbound’s Merino Polo. A Favorite.

Spring always triggers certain mild obsessions of mine. Somewhere around Spring Training, I start adding a few great baseball movies to the watch list. And not long after that, I start reading up on The Mods again. Baseball movies I get. Why I would start thinking about an English youthquake is beyond me.

But a nod to the mod did lead me to try something new — the polo and sportcoat combination. Well, that and The Architect’s habit of pairing a Lacoste polo with a sportcoat or blazer when the temperatures rise. Instead of the mod staple Ben Sherman cotton piqué, I rely on merino wool. It’s thermo-regulating, moisture-wicking, doesn’t wrinkle as much, is odor-resistant and I feel it’s a bit dressier when wearing tailored trousers.

Ben Sherman’s Tipped Collar. No Laurel Wreath or Wool Though.

It may seem strange to be talking about merino wool in late May, with temperatures typically hovering around 80ºF in Central Virginia, but I continue to be amazed by its versatility and usefulness.

JoeMerino’s BlueGrey Riva Polo. Lightweight Perfection.

Now I’m not adverse to short sleeves, but somehow I feel like I have to wear a long sleeve under a sportcoat. “There’s no such thing as a short sleeve dress shirt” went the mantra in school.

The Look by Ben Sherman.

Ben Sherman’s take is classic, right down to the rondel pin in the buttonhole. The best thing about the long sleeve is that it peeks out from the cuffs of your sportcoat, which always feels more … “formal” for lack of a better word.

Seagale’s Tencel/Merino Mix is Brilliant for Heat.

I generally stick to black, navy and grey (and a Joe Merino buy in “Mystery” which is sort of brown, charcoal and maybe some purple thrown into the weave?) Lighter colors are great, but don’t hide the multitude of sins on my middle-aged physique. Today’s ‘fit, as the kids say, is the Seagale navy polo and a pair of CoolMax infused seersucker trousers with black suede horsebit loafers. It’s supposed to be around 90ºF and humid today… we’ll see.

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