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A Night In

Farmed Sevruga from Marky’s Caviar on line.

There are certain nights that Mrs. E. and I don’t venture out, St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve (usually) spring to mind. Valentine’s Day is a foregone conclusion. Too hard to get a booking, menus too planned, and restaurants far too crowded. People do dress a little better, and I do miss seeing that though.

So this year, as in year’s past, I’ll try and put something celebratory together involving at least one of Mrs. E.’s favorites. Perhaps a grilled fish and salad? Grass-fed steaks? Seared scallops? I’m not sure. With the kitchen completely dismantled, it’s been an adventure cooking in the temporary “field kitchen” set up in the dining room. Think less Benihana, more Junior Year Dorm Room. I do know what we’ll have as an appetizer: Caviar (Siberian Sturgeon this year. American Hackleback and Paddlefish are good too!) And Champagne, of course. It may be too late to order in caviar from Marky’s or Amazon, but those are both reliable resources I use. I’m fortunate enough to have a Whole Foods a block away that usually stocks caviar, blini and Champagne. There’s some of each in the relocated-to-the-bar room refrigerator now.

If you’re spending the night in remember, small treats can be almost as enjoyable as a grand gesture.

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3 thoughts on “A Night In

  1. Easily the best part of 2023 is that you’ve started posting again!

    I liked the article because it speaks directly to your search for Everyday Elegance. Sure, the grand, formal affairs are exciting and magical. But as I’m sure you will agree, a life well lived is in the everyday details, and that’s where you find the beauty and everyday elegance we aspire to.

  2. You’re right, Chris. Splurging on the small treats heightens the occasion. It was YOU that encouraged me, years ago, to keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge, and while I won’t open it more than once a month, it always brings surprised smiles. Do your prefer caviar with blini or toasts?
    I went to a Superbowl party recently, bringing my usual healthy green broccoli salad, and it was hardly touched. The event was attended by 30 or more new and old friends and the table was charmingly laden heavily with every conceivable beefy, cheesy, yummy, bad-for-you-but-oh-so-delicious dish. It’s a football game, for crying out loud! The generous, happy hosts have a rule: no talk of politics or religion. The house walls were covered with photographs of memorable events and family at all stages of life. Our host walked me through the large house explaining them all. I learned so much about this community – generations of farming landowners with fascinating stories to tell of good fortune and heartbreak. It was a luxurious evening.

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