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Now What?

Mrs. E and I have just returned from a wonderful wedding in Savannah, GA. (No, it wasn’t held in the Mercer-Williams House, pictured above, but we did tour it the next day.) That house, if it looks familiar to you, is the setting for John Berendt’s mostly true “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” And I would say that Jim Williams, except for that ill-fated romance and shooting, was a model of pulling one’s self up by one’s bootstraps. He was the son of a construction worker who became the foremost historic preservationists in Savannah, restoring over fifty houses over thirty-five years. He was also disliked by the natives. He surrounded himself with a house full of antiques and objets d’art collected over his lifetime. Many pieces he restored himself. A few we saw, he made himself. They would at least be considered “vintage” today. He made for himself a facsimile of living. Like the U.H.B. He “faked it by making it.” I wonder if he’s better appreciated today for having a saved a bit of history and brought in some tourism dollars?

What a marvelous city and what a fine time. We brought back with us a couple of art deco pieces (bought at a brilliant boutique —Jones & Bull — which is worth a visit and at the very lease an Insta-Follow), some fun memories and two cases of COVID. Yes, Mrs. E. and I are riding the ‘Rona. We should have immediately taken to our chaises lounges with lozenges, warm gin and wool socks to begin to convalesce.

Gustave Léonard de Jonghe, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It is, of course, exam season, and so impossible for Mrs. E. to shirk her duties and she wouldn’t anyway.

K. B. O.

–Sir Winston Churchill

So we’re muddling through, downing chicken soup by the gallon, trying to sleep when we can. I finally shaved after five days in a effort to not let down the side. That’s the thing. This Easy and Elegant lifestyle requires constant small tweaks to keep up. Ideally, it requires staff. What we call “help” here in the south, to keep things humming along at pace. The Jack Russels are less than helpful.

“Do NOT sneeze in my direction….”

If you you should have any disposable income lying about, consider purchasing a few shares of Kimberly-Clark or Procter & Gamble (Kleenex or Puffs, respectively.) If we’re any indicator of typical usage, this cold/flu/COVID season should pay off handsomely.

4 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. Dearest Chris,
    So you were only some two hours east of us… but you had the flu so a visit would not have been good.
    Savannah sure has its charm and also great shops as you did discover yourself.
    Hoping you both soon will fluff back to your normal self.

  2. Hello Chris, hope you both rest well and recover quickly from the flu. Despite being double-vaxxed and one booster, I got it, too, though it only lasted 2 days, thankfully.
    Hubby and I moved from Dallas, unknowingly to a charming picturesque farming community about 30 minutes due north of Chapel Hill, NC. We just loved the house! About 1.5 hours from the Virginia border. The culture shock was unnerving but the quiet settles into your bones quickly. I’m embarrassed to admit that for quick store runs I’ve become way less disciplined about my attire than before, and I miss it. Just wondered what the women were wearing at the wedding you and Mrs. E attended – dresses or pants. Was it a casual or formal affair? Did you notice details enough to comment?

  3. Hello Dorinda! We’re recovering nicely. I’m still out of breath after climbing three flights of stairs, but that’s about it. Thanks!

    The rehearsal dinner was cocktail dress, with a combination of suits and blazers for the men and the women mostly opted for cocktail length dresses! The wedding was black tie and evening gowns were the rule of the day. The bridesmaids were in hunter green velvet with capped sleeves. Very nice! The party in general was very glamourous.

  4. Thank you, Chris. It sounds like a memorable, touching evening, and you have definitely fanned the wind back into my sails!

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