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Yes Ma’am, We Will Prevail.

From a regent who first broadcast her support for those separated from loved ones in 1940, comes this message of hope. I like to think that the Britons’s “self-discipline, quiet good-humoured resolve and fellow feeling” is matched by our American spirit of can-do, and our ability to band together to prevail against seemingly impossible odds. Look at the companies that have re-tooled to pump out gowns, masks, and ventilator parts. Look at the super-human efforts of our first responders. Take your cues from them. Do what you can, when you can. Even if it’s just dropping a line to distant friends or waving at neighbors. We’re all in this together.

We may be invariably late to the party, but when the chips are down the world has always counted on us to rise up and do the right thing. Yes, this is a tough time, but it’s been a tough fight since this country was founded, and we’re more than up to the struggle. Let’s not forget that America. Together we win.

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