Inspiration, By George!

I’ve often counseled my clients that a shortcut to developing dressing well is to find a couple of role models and emulate them at their best. Today, I’d like to suggest one of them to you: George Bligh, of AcornTV’s “A Place to Call Home.”

Courtesy AcornTV, no copyright infringement is intended. Please contact me if you’d like it taken down.

The character is most often in a suit and tie, this being the 1950’s – ’60s, but he knows his way around a sportscoat and jeans. The jeans in question are most often a five-pocket model trouser in tan or off-white. This is one of the most versatile combinations for our 21st century dress code of smart casual.

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No copyright infringement is intended, let me know and I’ll take it down.

I’ve taken to wearing “The George” for any occasion that calls for dressing in what I’ve called “The Middle Ground.” Not too formal, not too casual. This combination also makes a great travel outfit. Which is probably why Banana Republic, which carries the stone colored jean that I recommend, calls them the “Traveler Pant.” Just the right amount of stretch to keep them wrinkle-free and comfortable for the journey, not too heavy and not too light, trendy color, and they go with any shirt and sportcoat combination. Pair them with a chelsea boot for the full effect.

Sure, I’d be on board with the James Bligh last season look, but when something a bit more discreet is needed, try “The George”.

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