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August in the South

It’s hot. That’s to be expected down here south of the Mason-Dixon line. High temperatures and awful humidity put the heat index at 100+ºF (37+ºC) every day. Keeping cool is everyone’s top priority. So much so that my tailor (Larry at Leviner Wood) says that some of his clients are using the temperature as an excuse to go into work in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. I can only assume they plan to do business at pool or ocean side… probably somewhere without extradition treaties with the US.

Would you trust this guy with your … anything?

I dunno… I guess that’s why some of us can’t have nice things…

Humiture of 100+ºF (37+C) today. Climate controlled everywhere I’ve been…

I’ve recently been inspired by J. Robie’s Instagram (with a handle like J. Robie, how could I resist?), and The Contender‘s new site. Because just looking at the world around me, I feel more than ever, that we mustn’t give up the fight. Like the two men I just mentioned, we need to be more present. Like Arlo Guthrie sang (ellipses mine)

And can you imagine fifty people a day? I said FIFTY people a day … Friends
They may think it’s a Movement…

So get out there ladies and gentlemen, and fight the good fight. Lead from the front. Inspire by example. What have we got to lose?

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