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That Clean Feeling in 3 Steps

They say that Fall is coming. It was 90+ºF today… . I am eternally grateful for the invention of air conditioning and ceiling fans. Imagine what the early Southerners used to live like! How did they deal?

There is more to picking yourself up off the floor and having another (sweating ) glass of iced tea to help you feel more buoyant these Indian Summer days. Which is why three little things are going to make me feel a lot better. Try them yourself and see if your perspective doesn’t improve a bit.

  1. Change the bed linens. Starch those percale pillowcases. Buy new, crisp bedding if you have to.
Hamilton and Hare boxers through TheRake.com

2. Change of season, change your undergarments. Treat yourself to some new knickers, drawers, small clothes, whatever you call them.

3. Sweaty? Shower. And then turn the knob to cold. Last as long as you can. Invigorating. And finally…

4. Have the car cleaned inside and out.

I know that was four, but I like to overdeliver. A clean car always perks me up.

2 thoughts on “That Clean Feeling in 3 Steps

  1. Chris, I rejoice every time I see that you have created a new post. The things you have listed above are all good common sense and I do them myself…except the cold shower…burr.

    I just put all of my summer undergarments away for the winter. Here in the Northwest, fall arrived towards the end of September right on schedule. Even during the summer, we almost never have overly hot and humid days, but wearing the right clothing definitely guarantees no overheating in any event. I do wonder though how people kept clean and refreshed while living in the South or on the East Coast before air-conditioning. The weather must have been truly oppressive back then.

  2. Hi Brother Chris –
    It’s Movember! You should have a pix of the Chris-tache!
    I am now a monthly donor. It’s easy. Let’s all do it. Small bit goes a long way!

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