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It’s Flu Season: An Elegant Change to Your Hand Towel Routine.

Mrs. E. has the flu. Fortunately it’s the “Type B,” less virulent strain, but it is flu nonetheless. And because of that, I am reminded of the importance of constantly washing my hands. I hadn’t thought much about drying my hands. Do you?

The Architect, with his eye for the everyday indulgence, obviously has.

Those are either cotton or linen napkins, bought at estate sales and antique stores, ironed, folded and stacked for the guest’s use. The soiled linen is thrown into a basket under the sink to be laundered and returned. He has a drawer full and so never is without.

Stuck inside waiting to see if I’m contagious, I haven’t ventured out to the antique stores to invest in the beginnings of my own drawer full, so I did the next best thing and ordered 100% cotton squares from Amazon.  As my first writing mentor taught me: “when you know enough to steal the very best…”

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