Life’s Little Luxuries.

It often surprises me that I want so much, but am content with so little. It’s the collector’s gene in me, I guess. All those years of being dragged through every junk and antique shop in Western Europe imprinted deeply on my younger self’s psyche.

I started collecting odd keys. I’m not sure where those ended up.

Barware became an obsession in later life.

The Architect’s favorite cup, with cheer.

Then there’s the pocketknife thing….

A few more. They’re scattered everywhere around the Manse.

My shoe shelves would be embarrassing to photograph. And I aspire to a listening room for the stereo and the record albums. Something like the library, but for audiophiles. Space, as you know, is the ultimate luxury.

Here are some fountain pens instead.

You get the idea. Yet, each of these little things is a luxury to me. A small piece of usable, daily … art.

Do you have a favorite piece of art that you collect or carry?

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