Everything Old is New Again.

A quick perusal of runway photos and the newest items at Mr. Porter tells me that the pleated trouser is back! It makes sense. The original skinny jeans hipsters are a bit older, and those who have to dress in something more than “athlesiure sweatrousers” still want to feel comfortable.

The good news, for those of you shuddering at the thought of a full-on triple-pleat, balloon-legged revival, is that the cut of these trousers is more modest and perhaps, influenced by the well-tailored silhouettes of the immediate past.

Remember that the key to wearing a fuller-ish cut trouser is to combine it with a more tailored blazer and shirt, or sweater, and an appropriate shoe. Happy days are here again!

Pleats and a classic look done right!

From TheStyleForum.@TheNordicFit’sBucket

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