Wow! Missed December entirely. Time flies.

Easy and Elegant Life turns ten this year and this is about it. Posting, as you may have guessed, will be sporadic, at best, allowing me to figure out what it is that you may want to hear. Since I’ve turned 50, I’m not much at the new and exciting stage, but that’s fashion, and I subscribe to anything but.

Style, however …

So, as I sit here, beset with bronchitis, and watching the snow fly, and the temperatures creep into the mid-2o’s (unusual for Central Virginia), I wonder what you would wear to survive the snows in sartorial splendor?

For reference, I give you The Rake, and a wonderful article on layering. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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2 Responses to Ten.

  1. M.Lane says:

    Great to see a post! I am fully in tune with your over 50 comment.


  2. Dearest Chris,
    My previous comment never actually posted….?
    Congratulations with your tenth anniversary. Time flies way too fast.
    You are still young but indeed, style is something we want to stick with for the remainder of our lives.
    Hope your bronchitis has totally cleared. Mine kept lingering way too long.
    Looking forward to spring time.

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