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Substitute a Scarf


Not wearing a tie these days? Don’t forget your pocket squares and scarves. They can add that bit of color for the fall days.

4 thoughts on “Substitute a Scarf

  1. Chris, I love the orangey red in both your scarf and your sport coat. The red pocket square finishes the ensemble perfectly.

  2. Hello, Chris! Sorry to totally change subject . . . I am a long time subscriber to your blog and miss the days of frequent posts. I realize real life intervenes and blogging is very time consuming. I do enjoy when your photos and / or posts pop up in my mail box! I’ll hope you forgive me for asking a question totally unrelated to the above post … My husband and I are in the midst of reorganizing his closet. How do you store your ties and bow ties? Is there a particular style of rack that you prefer? Thank you!

  3. Hello Susan!
    Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. After 1,458 posts, I often wonder if I’m just beating a dead horse….

    My tie situation is completely haphazard. Frequently worn ones are often draped over one of three wooden valet stands. The rest hang on racks on the wall behind the door of my walk-in closest. Knit ties are rolled and stored with the pocket squares in a dedicated drawer.

    Good for you reorganizing! A word of caution. Even J. Crew is showing a slightly roomier leg and pleated trousers again, and ties are a bit wider.

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