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A Nod to Changing Weather


It’s not quite “fall-like” here in Central Virginia. Temperatures are a bit above average this year. But the lighting has changed. The sunlight is at a more oblique angle. So I decided to brave the perspiration-inducing full-lining on this sport coat for its earth tone (and blue overcheck, which didn’t come out in the pic.) I didn’t go whole hog, the trousers are silver-grey and shoes, belt, etc. are saddle tan.


6 thoughts on “A Nod to Changing Weather

  1. Dearest Chris,
    Depending on your activity for the day, this can be done during this time of the year. You look perfect in this outfit, such a lovely and soft colored sport coat!
    Sending you blessings for a pleasant autumn ahead.

  2. Here in Texas it’s still summer – we don’t see autumn until 2 weeks before Christmas. But you’re right – even though it’s still almost 100 degrees there is ‘something’ about the light. The sun shines a bit more amber and has that ‘harvest glow’ about it.

  3. Great Outfit! Say, did I see you at Modlin Center for the Martha Graham Dance Company a couple of weeks ago?

  4. JF, Sadly, I missed the performance and would have enjoyed it a lot. I was there last night for the Havana All-Stars, which was loads of fun. Thanks for the compliment.

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