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Dressing Down’ish

This is sort of another “Middle Ground” post.

The other day I wrote that I felt like dressing up again. And then the temperatures started to reach into the 90’s with a humiture of over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is hard to keep up standards in these conditions.

However, dressing up doesn’t have to mean what you think. Choosing the right clothing can make you feel more put together than the next guy. That and a lot of Gold Bond Powder.


I realize that the color of my trousers is a bit of a stretch for some of you. In a creative industry, I can get away with things that the average businessman wouldn’t dream of attempting. But you get the idea. I think the thing that sets this sort of look apart is the formally very formal white collared shirt, worn casually. I hate to perspire through nice silk neckties. I tied it in with white slip-on shoes, but a pair of snuff suede would work just as well. On days I don’t dare wear even my lightest unconstructed sport coat, this is my fall-back for business meetings.

Khakis and polo shirts are reserved for the weekends and after work.

6 thoughts on “Dressing Down’ish

  1. Nothing better than a man who know how to dress and does it confidently with out snobbery. Not every man can put on a pair of blue jeans and a crisp white shirt and slip on shoes and make it their own. It’s all in how you carry yourself, and knowing how to pull it all together. Just like home fashions…

    You wear it well.
    Keep teaching men out there the importance of a well dressed man, and respect for who they are will follow.



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