The Middle Ground: Layering.

As usual, the weather in Central Virginia is bi-polar at best. Cold, warm, rainy, sunny, all in the same day. Which makes layering the only sensible solution to dressing for the day.


My Crosby breathable, waxed jacket by Country Attire, a no-name pashmina scarf, RL flannel herringbone trousers and a pair of  J Fitzpatrick Fauntleroy monkstraps let me venture into the wilds of the city.


At a draughty client’s office the waxed jacket gets removed and I’m left in a silk polo (ancient Jos. A. Banks), and my ultra light down vest by Uniqlo.

Back home, I’ll do away with the vest and stay comfortable and presentable in the silk polo layered over a truely wonderful t-shirt by DSTLD. I can recommend both of their greys. The collars lay flat!


Be prepared this coming spring and learn to layer.

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