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Jack Boots


The fine folks at Jack Erwin sent along a pair of their Chelsea boots for my inspection. I’m wearing and inspectin’ them right now.

Jack Erwin was founded almost three years ago in NYC with the purpose of making well-priced, well-made shoes. Not an easy task. Especially if you’re going to throw in Goodyear welting on some of the range.


Nice shoe bag. I like a good shoe bag.

The Ellis boot is part of their “Foster” line, which features a Blake-stitched sole, generally a sleeker look than the Goodyear Welting. The toe is slightly tapered and nicely rounded in this range. These boots are Spanish made. Spaniards do well with leather and shoes.


At first glance I’m attracted by the rubber sole which looks sort of like Dainite to me. No worries about slipping on the wet steps outside. The shape is comely. Not as sculptured-elegant as a pair of Grenson’s I own, but on par with the AE’s… A good all-round jeans, cords or flannels boot. As usual, I’ve ordered them a 1/2 size up to accommodate my badly reset broken toe and a full-length leather in-sole I wear. The leather is a great color (Arabica) and hard-finished. I think I’ll wear them about and go after them with some Saphir cream and polish to break in the leather a bit. Go for black to channel your inner Beatle or suede for the gentleman farmer look. For all-around usefulness, I like the brown, especially for inclement weather.

On the whole? For $220, they’re a tough act to follow! Founders Ariel Nelson and Lane Gerson looked to have accomplished their goal. Well-made and reasonably priced!

As a matter of fact, I’m seriously considering a pair of the lace-up combat boots from their Goodyear Welted Foster line.

2 thoughts on “Jack Boots

  1. Chris,

    The way the winter weather is this year you might not ever need to wear those boots, but it is good to have them just in case things take a turn for the worse. They do look nice though. As for combat boots, the Marine Corps gave me many free pairs and they did what they were meant to do, but, LOL, I have no desire to ever wear them again.

    I always look forward to your posts. Thank you.

  2. Dear Chris,
    Congrats on this very fine pair of Jack Erwin boots!
    Yes, Spain belongs to the leading countries of the world, next to Italy, for producing fine shoes and boots. We have admired them while touring Spain.
    Their pricing is very reasonable indeed!
    Thanks for sharing this info, enjoyed watching their video on how they actually make their shoes.
    Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and stay safe with your toes inside such fine, comfy and safe footwear. Sorry about your broken toe… My youngest sister had a broken toe as well, a couple of months ago. No fun!

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