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Vote Mo! Dressing Down(ton.)

bracelet courtesy of The Giving Keys. http://www.thegivingkeys.com/pages/about-us
“Empower” Movember bracelet courtesy of The Giving Keys. 

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After Friday Luncheon, The Architect, The Fundraiser and I headed over to see the now closed “Dressing Downton” exhibit at the Virginia Historical Society. Wonderful attention to detail! The costume designers really did their research. It was a particular pleasure to see the white waistcoats under the tailcoats not peeking out below the front points. Nicely done.


Even for an entertainer, in this case.


But not everything was so formal.


It was pointed out to me that in the photo, they are holding the guns incorrectly. In the left is appropriate; in case you are to shake hands.

Below stairs, you can see where the balance and proportion of the garments is … off … Well, we wouldn’t want them to be mistaken for the gentry, would we?


Let’s not forget the Ladies. Some of the costumes really are vintage.


This one, for example.


And a couple of these. The designers said that you could hear the beads dropping on the floor with each movement.


But not Ms. Woolfe’s, which was barely glimpsed at any rate.


Part of this one is real.


This part, in face.


And the wedding dress is. Sort of.


All in all, a fine afternoon. Vedy, vedy.


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