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Movember 20, Tommy John, The Giving Keys, Etc…


This Movember thing has me thinking. I’ve mentioned men’s health issues, but what are we really talking about?

Prostate Cancer, Colon Cancer, Testicular Cancer and Mental Health. That’s a lot of grief. I’ve mentioned The Giving Keys Movember (and survivor’s)Empower  initiative (that’s the bracelet that I’m wearing in the photo), and now another company has reached out to give you incentive to buy from them whilst getting the word out that we men need to start paying attention to our collective health.


Tommy John makes some absurdly comfortable underwear. I recommend them. In particular, their no-show t-shirts and cool comfort boxers. They are all they’re cracked up to be. And, as befitting a men’s undergarments company they’ve got the …. incentive … to help spread the word. From the horse’s mouth:

Some quick facts about testicular cancer:

  • One male is diagnosed with testicular cancer every hour

  • It is the most easily detected form of cancer

  • It has the highest survival rate when caught early

How is Tommy John helping?

  • We are giving 5% of all sales coming from our limited edition “Mustache and Ball” collection

  • We are contributing $10 for each purchase made by new customers who were referred by someone else

  • We are donating $1 for each entry in our Instagram contest up to $1,000 (more on that below)

What’s in it for your readers?

“Share a pair win a pair” Instagram contest. To enter, take a picture of any pair of round objects, and tag them on Instagram #SupportYourBalls, and follow @TommyJohnWear and @TesticularCancerFoundation for a chance to win a pair of Tommy John underwear

Sorry for the blunt subject and the double entendres that are all in good fun this November. I’ll get in some more typical posts as we roll along. In the meantime, please help me reach a $400 donated level. That would be double what I started out with as a goal and this is a cause that’s near and dear to my …. heart.

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