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Layering More Than My Upper Lip


Image: Sartoriale.com

‘Tis the sartoriale season, dear readers. These are the golden months of dressing well. While a lot of menswear icons pair their styles to simple two color combination suits and shirts (Tom Ford, Cary Grant, et. al.), a number of the more playful among them will opt for injecting grey days with color, texture, and pattern. Flannels, corduroy, cashmere are really more like wrapping yourself in a robe in front of a fire instead of girding yourself with sartoriale armor of super 150’s worsted fabrics.

This is a look that I’ll try to emulate.I love the exuberance of the tie after the restrictions of the skinny, and the proud chest with billowing (almost) lapels. Do you find this daunting? What color trouser would you wear?

Off for the morning toilette. In cashmere and corduroy. And hair. Just a few days left to help me double my original Movember fundraising goal. Please do, if you can. And remember to stay healthy. Wag more.



3 thoughts on “Layering More Than My Upper Lip

  1. Chris, that is beautiful. Would you pair that with charcoal flannel trousers or maybe something lighter, like a darker beige or light gray maybe?

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