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Listening for a Motto for the Day.

“Accessible without being mundane.”

 — Leonard Bernstein on “Beethoven’s 9th Symphony.”

Begin the morning with an inspiring piece of music. Today on “Performance Today“, Mr. Child featured songs about peace in celebration of the International Day of Peace. It was a wonderful, restful, invigorating start to a chilly and cloudy day punctuated by the cyclists whizzing past on the UCI circuit.

I used to start every Sunday morning with the theme to the BBC production of “Brideshead Revisited.” It drove Mrs. E. to distraction as it thundered through speakers large and small. Still, it set the tone for the day, lending a bit of pomp and circumstance, a stately pace, and an autumnal sort of joy.

Music that inspires can have the same effect on the way you choose to dress in the morning. In these casual days, perhaps we should all strive for “accessible without being mundane.”

2 thoughts on “Listening for a Motto for the Day.

  1. I listened to the the Brideshead Revisited theme and I completely agree with you. It is the perfect soundtrack to autumn’s arrival. I liked it so much, I bought the album.
    Thanks for the post.

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