Spring Flings: Seersucker


Spring is here and summer is waiting in the wings for its turn to come on. Which means that your wardrobe needs to be appropriate for the season.

There are a few trends that I think are going to go the distance and let you stay as comfortable as possible when the temps rise. I’ll start with:

Seersucker. Yes, that Southern Preppy staple. Seersucker comes in a lot of color combinations. I like it in solid. I’ve noticed some black on black and dark blue/dark blue combinations that look smart while taking advantage of seersucker’s unique weave designed to keep wearers cool. I’d love to have a dinner suit made out of some.

The traditional white and blue/tan/pink/red suit has been slimmed down and still looks great. Pair the jacket with khakis or jeans and the trousers with a dark polo shirt.  Consider seersucker for at least your weekend wear.

UPDATE: Thanks to astute reader John Stephens for leading us to the Brooks Brothers Limited Edition Seeersucker Tuxedo. Click through!


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3 Responses to Spring Flings: Seersucker

  1. john stephens says:

    Have you seen the limited edition dinner suit from Brooks Brothers? (mine is 100 of 250) Come on Memorial day!

  2. JS, I have not. I’ll zip over to look at it. Thanks!

  3. brohammas says:

    I have a pair of green seersucker pants…
    I love them.

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