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My Mod Dreams Have Come True


Wait long enough and you are lucky enough to see trends come back. Can and/or would you still wear them though? I took a gamble on a long-coveted white trench coat. This one is Burberry Brit and cut quite a bit trimmer then they used to be. But, I am in 7th heaven! Absolutely impractical, and really good looking in my opinion!


7 thoughts on “My Mod Dreams Have Come True

  1. Hello Chris,
    May I strongly suggest you lose that hairstyle and glasses? You are still a young man and that combination makes you look at least 10 years older!

  2. Indeed von B! I hit the revival in the 80’s and am still a huge The Style Council fan. Were I ever silly enough to have gotten a tattoo, it would have been The English Beat girl.

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