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Lighten Up.


I had to have them. And I’ll probably wear them with just about everything this summer. It’s nice to slip into something a little lighter than the standard black or brown shoe every once in a while, especially when the sun is bleaching out all color anyway.

What about you? Would you wear spectator/correspondent shoes? White shoes? Tan? Camel? Royal Blue? Where does your threshold lie outside of the office? Would you wear them with dark trousers? And for what occasions would you lighten up?

7 thoughts on “Lighten Up.

  1. I would probably need to find some more bravery to wear any two tone spectators, but I do enjoy good loafers. A blue or maybe a shade of red is something I’d like although I will have to think about what pants to pair them up with.

  2. Connor, Good choices! Blue and red pair very easily with sand colored khakis and white/natural colored jeans. A pair of red suede drivers is on my wish list.

  3. I love the shoes and I love the white which in Florida I would wear with any casual outfit in the summer. I am not much for two tone shoes this nice looking although I have a great looking pair of coral/leather two tone boat shoes I got from Brooks Brothers. I just got my first pair of Gucci loafers and when I considered white my wife said “you live in Florida you aren’t old enough to have those yet”. I got basic black. LOL

  4. M. Lane, Love the Gucci Bamboo bit loafer. Next: cognac colored. Coral! Bold and great looking, I bet. I’m modeling some BB tomorrow night at a charity function. Boy has that silhouette changed — waist suppression!

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