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A Brand For the Modern Man: Mujjo


I don’t usually feature brands that I love, but that might change as I find some really worthwhile things to put in front of you.

Above you’ll see what the EDC community calls a “pocket dump” In this case it was carried in a grey all-weather scottevest TEC coat. I’ll tell you that I can usually carry around less, but some essentials are my iPhone, a small notebook (Moleskine) and a space pen, a watch, pocket knife, and, especially lately, gloves.

The reason I’m excited is because I’ve found an iPhone case and gloves that are nice looking, well-made and work! Both the gloves (smartphone/touchscreen friendly) and the case are by a company called Mujjo, headquartered in The Netherlands. Their designs are stunning in simplicity of line and crafted of stuff you want to touch. The gloves are crocheted, have leather palms, and are lined with cashmere. The case is made of leather and has that diagonal slash pocket for a couple of cards.

I’m so enamoured of the company that I also have a pair of knit touchscreen gloves and a cognac colored iPhone 80º case. I think full leather gloves will be my next purchase. Even the packaging is a sight to behold. If you’re in the market, please give them a try.

(I did not receive any compensation for this post.)

3 thoughts on “A Brand For the Modern Man: Mujjo

  1. You didn’t mention the watch. I seem to see a NATO G10 watchband in the same colors as James Bond’s in Goldfinger. Am I right?

  2. Got the same watch with the pepsi bezel, the skx009. Fantastic, reliable and unassuming. Tough as nails.
    (Funnily enough, the other day I was watching a Robert Redford movie –ALL IS LOST– and there he was, wearing it too.)

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