Winter White


With all the snow on the ground still pretty and white, today felt like a good day to wear my winter white Norfolk style jacket (The FitzHemingway model for long-time readers.)

The trick to wearing a statement piece is to keep most of what you wear neutral. Here a grey cashmere roll neck sweater and flannel trousers of the same hue don’t compete with the sports coat. If only I could wear my suede shoes, but the day calls for boots.

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3 Responses to Winter White

  1. Dearest Chris,
    Oh sure, snow would ruin your suede shoes… but you look spiff in your winter white Norfolk style jacket! I always can indulge in the high quality signs of a good garment such as absolute symmetry of plaid in collar, pockets and all seams!
    Thumbs up and hope the weather will get milder in your area. Happy weekend.

  2. Todd Kunz says:

    Chris, would you explain the rules surrounding the subject of wearing white and cream clothing? Even though I am from the left coast where anything goes,I am still somewhat confused as to when we can wear white and cream. I do see stores advertising “Winter White” but what is it about “Winter White” that distinguishes it from “Summer White”?

  3. Todd Kunz says:

    Thanks Chris!

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