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Wait, Is that a Unicorn?

Eggsy, ready to save the world and get the girl.
Eggsy, ready to save the world and get the girl.

“We are all looking for unicorns,” said a wonderful and attractive single friend of ours. She is right.  In this day of cosmetic perfection, it does seem like there is a perfect 10 out there for everyone. However, putting an absurd amount of trust in finding someone so perfect for you might have fueled many a miserable Valentine’s Day.

Exceptional, empirical, beauty really is as rare as the mythical unicorn.

Well, why not create an unfair advantage? Dress better than you have to. You’ll stand out. In a very good way. Making you that very rarest of mythical creatures, a man who pays attention to the small things and takes pride in his appearance. In other words, part unicorn.

Start with a suit. Keep it neat and clean. Make it trim fitting (not skin tight, trim.) Add the appropriate accessories, a well-fitted dress shirt and classic tie, cufflinks and a pocket square. Shine your shoes. Keep your jewelry to a  minimum (watch, wedding band, signet ring.) Make your communication devices as nice a can be expected (subtle cases, a fine pen and very good card stock for your cards.)

All that’s left is to save the world and get the girl.

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