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The Statement Coat.

We saw a lot of statement coats at Pitti this year. Shockingly, this isn’t new.


My early and very chilly walk with the dog. Temperatures were hovering in the 20’s (about -5C). The horse-blanket lined heavy wool overcoat I’m wearing was made by Sandon & Co., LTD (of 7-8 Savile Row) in 1958. It certainly took the sting out of the windchill. (Forgive the unshaven chin. I didn’t think it wise to exfoliate just before that walk….

A statement coat will garner looks from the parka clad and North Face ultralight crowd, so be prepared. However, when it comes to staying warm, there’s no reason not to have a bit of style showing.

4 thoughts on “The Statement Coat.

  1. Love the coat! I wear a couple of similar vintage tweed coats Monday-Friday over more casual suits and sports jacket-odd pants combos. I definitely sets one apart for the masses. In a good way.

    Best Regards,

    Heinz-Ulrich von B.

  2. Chris, that houndstooth coat does make quite a statement, and it is truly classic. Good for you. I am guessing it was your father’s. You must feel great every time you wear it.

    I have a chesterfield from about 1980 that I wear every day during the winter. It looks incredibly elegant. I have had a tailor alter it three different times, and it is still beautiful. I get complements on it every year. It was a very expensive coat, but after almost 35 years of use, I can confidently say that it was well worth the price.

    Now days, I see a lot of men wear modern overcoats that end at, or just above the knee. That short of a coat seems to have lost the beauty of the older coats. My coat falls somewhere between 8 and 12 inches below my knee and I would not want it any shorter. There is nothing that exudes elegance like a classic overcoat.

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