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Staying In.

As I write this, it is 2ºF with a windchill of -8. Which makes for a very unpleasant start to the day. Since my son is at home sick, it really is the sort of day to stay in.

Living in a draughty Victorian Manse, as aesthetically pleasing as it is, means that the modern heat pump is having a bit of a tough go of it raising the thermostat to anything really comfortable. And that, dear readers, calls for a dressing gown at the least. My kit for staying in — the silk robe from Hong Kong, the silk pyjamas brought back from China by friend of the blog MO, and Belgian Shoes “Mr. Casual” model.

There are occasions when you dress only for yourself. Today is one of them.

I was fortunate enough to have had a father who believed in dressing well. Hence my inherited dressing gown. Should you decide you need one, try the beautiful example from New and Lingwood, like the Vintage Paisley number above. They don't come cheap though.

Paul Stuart's navy dot pyjamas would go well with your new robe.

And a burgundy pair of Stubbs and Wootten slippers, cashmere socks optional.

How's that for a little cabin fever reliever?

What are your choices for robes and pyjamas to lounge about in?



3 thoughts on “Staying In.

  1. Dear Chris,
    Wow that paisley gown is a dream and indeed from the 1920 era. With such pieces to stay comfy and warm the cabin fever may last a couple of days!
    Stay warm and enjoy your weekend; hope your son is feeling better.

  2. I love all of this. Nothing like a great dressing gown. My problem is if my 17 year old saw me dressed up in this wonderful outfit he would think I had lost my mind. But I can take it.

    Great post!


  3. Wow! A very stylish way to stay inside! I for one, pick my trusty LANZ gown,flannel and soft and Victorian styling – just need a chamber candle light! and soft cashmere gorgeous handmade socks given as a gift by a super knitter sister!

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