Awaiting Inspiration


(These two get the prize for best dressed afloat….)

Mrs. E and I recently took the kids for their first trip to New York City. Kosher bagels were exclaimed upon! Pizza was mystifying. Nuggets, non-existent. The sea-lions at the Central Park Zoo were highly entertaining. We stayed on the Upper West Side (a first for me.) No-one was dressed. Perhaps it was tourist season. Maybe we were in the wrong end of town. It might have been our lazy schedule that had us missing peak commuting times, but not a suit was spotted with the exception of a professional Town Car driver. Not even at The Plaza. I realize that times have changed, but I was hoping for a bit of inspiration. As my great friend The Architect put it, “you get inspiration on-line.” Pinterest has become the go-to, hasn’t it? Anxiously awaiting “King’s Men: The Secret Service,” if only for the tailoring.

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