Rule No. 8 of The Middle Ground. Embrace Timeless

Look at some older photos and the clothing is as relevant now as it was cool then. How old do we think that HRH Prince Charles’ A&S English drape suit is? Or his tie? Hard to guess.


This is “timeless” dressing. A very quick example is seen in the width of a Drake’s tie.


According to my files this photo was taken in 2011. The suit is a  three-roll-two button Oxxford, and the trousers are double-pleated and considered too full-cut for today’s slim suit wearing  crowd. It’s very comfortable and fits me well. I bought the suit around 1990. It is classic, but perhaps not “timeless.”  Rather, it is the tie I’ve chosen to illustrate my point. It is from Drake’s and is 8cm wide (that’s 3.14″.) This is the typical width of an English tie and has been forever. It never goes out of style, because it is timeless.

In terms of the  Middle Ground, flat front trousers, tassel loafers, pocket squares,  and a blue blazer are bullet-proof examples of timeless dressing. Cuts that don’t veer to either extreme are your best bets.


Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Can you give other examples of timeless items in your wardrobe? And women, please weigh in with a few suggestions. A Birkin bag? The Chanel suit?

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