Rule No. 7 of The Middle Ground: Luxe Materials Still Whisper “Success.”


AE’s slip-on is just a bit different. In a good way.

One of the key tenets of the Easy and Elegant Lifestyle is the  concept of “stealth wealth.” No, you don’t have to be filthy  rich to live like it. Simply eschew the ordinary, the mundane, the less than  satisfactory and concentrate your efforts on buying the best. When you’re dressed for The Middle  Ground, your garments shouldn’t scream, they should whisper quietly “luxe.”

So you do wear a sports coat? Wonderful. I do, too. Even the ubiquitous blue blazer. Only mine are made of cashmere and silk or all cashmere and are unconstructed whilst being cut to flatter. They feel like sweaters. Trousers are in flannels with beautiful hands or a lightweight wool that is anything but dry and stiff looking. Socks of whisper-weight merino wool, belts of exotic hides, suede, shell cordovan or calfskin leathers wrap my feet in luxury (and inside, some sport lambskin linings.) My sweaters are cashmere, silk and wool, linen and cotton, or fine merino. Even khakis are a brand that fits me nicely and are worn pressed and lightly starched.

The next time you shop, hold out for the best materials you can afford. Even if that means waiting for a sale or having  to make do with what is in your closet right now. You’ll be more breezily elegant.”What is it about our Mr. E?” They’ll think to themselves. “He doesn’t dress that differently from me, but he always looks great.”

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