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Rule No. 6 of The Middle Ground. Distinguish Between Weekend and Weekday Wear.


Save the denim for off-duty wear. Ditto for the leather jacket and waxed cotton. As cool as these ensembles look in the magazines or at Pitti, they are tough to pull off unless you’re in a hyper-creative environment.The khakis, ball-cap and leather flight jacket has become the retired man’s uniform around here. Don’t fall victim to its temptations. We’re not all action novelists.

This was for a one hour meeting… with my tailor.

Your weekday wear should mean business. At least when I’m in suit or business casual (a trimmer suit or sport coat and trousers), I feel more professional and I know I’m more productive.

Click through for the article.
Click through for the article.

Mon. Arnault is a fine exemplar of business casual. The trimmer cut of the suit and softer construction works without a tie.

Besides, when you’re at home, you should be relaxed. That’s when to reach for those soft cords, the Oxford shirt and the cashmere sweater. Or channel your inner best-selling novelist.

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