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Passionate About ShoePassion.Com?

SHOEPASSION.com – Shoes for Men with Passion from SHOEPASSION.com on Vimeo.

Review of the No. 594 Double Monk Strap loafer in brown suede coming soon!

Today a nicely wrapped package touched down in Richmond, VA. It was soaked through by the rain storm, but the contents revealed themselves to be dry, soft and ver desirable.

A few first impressions. Goodyear welting! Leather sole! Included a Vibram oversold that can be cut to fit and glued on by your cobbler. The silhouette isn’t too waisted, or elongated, or boxy. It is very English looking. Which means that these shoes will stay stylish for the long haul; they are above fashion.

Customer service via email? Easy and pleasant. Included extras? How to care for your shoes. How they are built, shoe bags, etc.? Thoughtful! Fitting guide? A pdf on the website that is on the page of the model you select. Print and grab a pencil. Very easy and useful.

Road test to come!

{N.B. The nice PR people at ShoePassion.com sent the pair of shoes to me for review. Their generosity will not impact the review that I give the shoe. So far, so good}

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