White Shirts and Arrow Collars


Mrs. E. and I had a wonderful weekend of bearable weather and the Anything Goes Fundraiser for VA Rep. Of course, my favourite Budd evening shirt was at the cleaners, so I thought I’d be a bit theatrical and wear a proper wing collar with Mrs. E’s grandfather’s double-breasted dinner jacket. The shirt was my grandfather’s. It opens at the back and is secured by one button. The collar is an Arrow collar and attaches to the collar band with two gold studs — one at the front and one at the back. The cuffs are the single (what I think of as “white tie”) style and the short front took two studs. It was incredibly comfortable to wear and really kept the tie in place. I wonder if anyone can still make these? I’d love to have one a bit less fragile.

What a night and Ms. Pat Carroll was a fantastic honoree.

What greeted us at the cocktail hour and silent auction. (“Ms. Monroe” is a former student of Mrs. E’s and destined for big things.)


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