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See-Through Food? C+. Unless…

Thanks to another attack of diverticulitis after the holiday party food circuit, (c’mon, who walks away from smoked turkey, rare tenderloin, country ham biscuits?) I wound up on a self-imposed clear food diet. Which was OK. As long as I made my own stocks. Far more interesting than the canned versions which rate a C+ at best. But they are convenient…

Mrs. E. is made of sterner stuff and I saw no reason why she have to wade through crystal clear canned meals with me. So what to do? Oxtail soup and a salad for her; beef bouillon — the base for the soup — for me. Oxtail soup is just really beef and barley, deglazed with some red wine, simmered and braised and the like. I made my own, but  for those of you who don’t have twelve hours to two days to make a soup, herewith the:


Easy and Elegant Life Fauxtail Soup.

1 can Progresso Beef and Barley (or any brand really.)

1 tablespoon of dry sherry or Marsala wine.

? 1/2 teaspoon of Better than Bouillon Beef beef base

1/2 clove of garlic

Whatever fresh herb you have lying around or a dash of Mrs. Dash’s salt substitute

Bit of butter

Slice of deli beef (opt.)

Make about 4 oz of the Better than Bouillon stock with water and the herbs/Mrs Dash’s.

Rub the half clove garlic around the bottom of your bowl.

Heat the Progresso soup.

Add in the Better Than stock with herbs.

Splash in the sherry/Marsala

Swirl through the butter. If using the deli beef, chop it up and drop it in the soup to heat through.

Pour into the garlic laced bowl.

Serve with green salad and a vinaigrette.


One thought on “See-Through Food? C+. Unless…

  1. Chris,
    That sounds delicious. I am a firm adherent to Better than Bouillon rather than other brands, as I use it in a multitude of savory dishes. I hope your diverticulitis improves soon (if that is possible with diverticulitis).

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