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Dress Down In Muted Tweed



Dress Down Days at work have taken on a different tone since the Casual Years have come upon us. But there was a time, even during those formal days when people changed for dinner at home, when Mondays and Fridays were dress down days. The impetus was dressing for the journey to and from the country. I can imagine a lot of tweed during the cooler months.

So with that in mind, today’s choice is a very comfortable, very old MT Alexandre tweed sport coat made for my  father and my ubiquitous grey flannels and brown suede shoes. The only new addition is the brown, gold and green seven-fold Kiton tie, purchased from one of my favorite internet vendors of second-hand clothing.

Do you still buy ties?

6 thoughts on “Dress Down In Muted Tweed

  1. Fantastic outfit, and don’t let anyone tell you it is “old-mannish”!

    And yes, i still buy ties.

  2. Actually, since people seem to be getting rid of their ties, I have been able to buy ties by Turnbull & Asser, Zegna, Valentino and Sulka at my local Goodwill store! Go figure…

  3. Dan, we are the fortunate, still well-dressed few. I’m sad to report our local doesn’t seem to do that well with the better ties. Which tells you something about the state of menswear in our town.

  4. Do I still buy ties? Absolutely. Some vintage. Some thrifted. Almost none full retail.

    And as for casual Friday . . . my son and some friends in the Foreign Service have started a “Bow Tie Friday” in response. Feel free to join.

  5. CP, I love the idea. I have FSO friends. One of whom was constantly referred to as the best dressed man at State last time through. He wore a bowtie and pocketsquare….. He attributes his success to a very low bar.

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